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Patricia Adams

I remember feeling at the mercy of the medical establishment. Though I was certain something was amiss in my health I was told that I was completely "normal" because my medical tests always returned within "normal" range.

Was it "normal" to be in terrible pain every day? Was it "normal" to rage at my family? Was depressed and miserable "normal"?

Once I understood my specific Biological Terrain I could make the correct lifestyle and diet choices for my individual body. No longer a pawn of those "practicing medicine", it is now my purpose, through the Lord's calling, to educate others.

Too many of us are trusting the FDA with our diet and health care decisions, forgetting that every year the FDA approves substances which directly cause sickness and death. Aspirin alone is responsible for 20,000 deaths per year...making it a bigger health threat than AIDS (Dr. Wong, 2003).

Think for a moment about how wonderfully and fearfully you are made. Think of supple flesh, pulsing blood, dense bones and teeth, and beautifully orchestrated organs all doing their job; to be a house for your spirit.

Now try to imagine your body recreating itself continually, using your food intake, fluid intake, emotions, prayer and thought life. What kind of tissues can you hope to create with a steady diet of chemicals and toxins? If you provide a toxic environment your body and your health will reflect it.

Take care of your health naturally, using whole food supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes to accomplish your goals. A Naturopath or Alternative Practitioner may be just what you need to balance your life.

Located in Santa Cruz county, my office is on Scotts Valley Drive where I teach herbs, iridology and nutrition at Healthy Lifestyle - Chaos Control. Biochemical Individuality assures that your anti-aging nutrient-dense program will be as individual as you are!

Patricia Adams
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